Guaranteed foot traffic and sales.

localHERO™ Community Cashback is a simple and powerful solution for getting new customers that requires no equipment, no training, no operational impact and zero cash out of your pocket. 

Drives traffic and sales in 3 ways

25,000 Cardholders in Greater DSM

(Summer 2020)

Cashback for Hunger

Thousands of Printed Neighborhood Passes

localHERO™ Community Cashback powered by the network uses innovative "card-linking" to deliver privacy, security and convenience to local businesses. Community Cashback drives loyalty and engagement, generates foot traffic and sales for local retailers and unlocks resources for crucial community causes. 

Rethinking what it means to be 'local'

localHERO™ Community Cashback is part of a broader vision for communities.

We remove 100% of the risk by delivering your #results in advance!

localHERO Community Cashback is the simplest, most innovative tool for achieving meaningful community engagement, authentic loyalty, and economic resilience. 

Our program is so effective, we're able to remove 100% of the risk.

If it doesn't work, you don't pay.

What your peers are saying...

Des Moines | localHERO

I've been in the business for 20 years and I've never seen a rewards program that goes the extra mile like this one. I'm genuinely excited!

Des Moines | localHERO

Jane Monroe

Restaurant Owner

Des Moines | localHERO

People that are signed up for localHERO are spending more money and do come in more frequently, so its been good for us

Des Moines | localHERO

John Dorsey

Club Manager

Des Moines | localHERO

This program generates business, its a fun customer activity and staff enjoys it as well. Its a win-win, there's nothing you can lose!

Des Moines | localHERO

Belle Satori

Boutique Stylist

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