Secure Messaging, Data and Identity Protection

Secure Messaging, Data and Identity Protection

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We're bringing local back.

Encrypted Communications and Social Networking that is Owned by the Users

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Taking Back Control of Your Data and the Local Economy

Protecting your family’s privacy and building resilient local communities begins today by energizing your community with the power of crypto. Join our list right now to help us take back the web by securing our personal communications and social networks with total data ownership and privacy protections for all… not just the few.

Digital ID & Total Data Ownership

for individuals and business.

Encrypted Communications

for families, small groups and teams.

Decentralized Autonomous Networks

for communities and institutions.

We're taking it all back...


For mobile

Hosted by USERS not corporations
Voice, video, and text messaging
Team and group file sharing
Photos, videos, audio recordings
Encrypted, decentralized, private

Community Super App” that consolidates popular digital services into a single decentralized platform designed to enable stronger, more resilient local communities.  

For your home

Protects your home internet completely
Securely hosts local user data and messages
Earns YOU localToken™ crypto on autopilot

localPort Sentinel™ is core to our decentralized network and will be taking the next version of the web completely off corporate servers, out of government control, and back into the hands of the People.

For your desktop

All the great features you expect
100% in synch with your mobile
Fast, efficient messaging and sharing

localHERO™ desktop is voice, video and text messaging delivered at scale with powerful social applications secured by high-grade cryptography, authentication and digital ID. 

Its Time to Act. Become a localHERO™

About US

LocalPort Technologies, llc
4701 Pleasant St. Suite 273
West Des Moines, Iowa 50266

LocalPort was birthed out of a realization that local communities have an abundance of human and material resources that remains largely untapped.

With a live proof-of-concept we’ve demonstrated the ability to “hack a local economy” and unlock latent resources and potential. We discovered a little-known mechanism for activating and transmuting untapped potential turning it into local progress.